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2022 Assessment Fees

First, I want to be clear that the responsibility for the late notification of the 2022 CHSQ budget and the fact that it is coming electronically rests solely on our management company’s failure to comply with our by-laws which call for a “written” notice within 30 days of the new assessment period beginning 01JAN2022. The board voted at the annual budget meeting to increase assessment fees by $20.00 per quarter for a total increase of $80.00 per year. This decision was based on the recommendation from the reserve study completed in late 2019. The reserve study was the third such study that has been completed on our neighborhood all of which recommended increasing fees, none of which were acted on until now. The failure to properly assess fees to maintain the common areas and allow them to fall into disrepair is unacceptable. The continued failure of fees being paid has compounded the issue further. To that point, we’ve been left with no choice but to accept the recommended increase. This decision was not taken lightly, and was not without much discussion. If you have questions or concerns, you’re welcome to attend the next scheduled meeting. We have elections coming up next year for new and vacant board positions, and I welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to help improve our community as we all have been working to do this past year.

Very Respectfully,


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HOA Meeting Dates

February 3rd 2022 Quarterly Meeting

May 5th 2022 Annual Meeting

August 4th 2022 Quarterly Meeting


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HOA documents, meeting minutes, agendas, and other documentation may be found here.

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Membership in the Courthouse Square (CSQ) Homeowners' Association (HOA) is a stipulation of home purchase in CSQ. Membership benefits include access to all public CSQ amenities, including a playground and nature trail, as well as trash and recycling services.