Gloucester County, Virginia

Commonly Requested Guidelines – Sheds and Tool Storage

Sheds and Tool Storage   

a.  A shed or other storage structure requires an Application.  The Application should include a detailed plan specifying the proposed structure’s lot placement, its dimensions, and the materials to be used.  A sketch of the completed structure (to include site plans, elevations, dimensions and height above grade) is also necessary.  Applications should include one copy of plot of survey with shed location drawn on plot with dimensions of the shed clearly written.
b.  The review period for storage buildings shall be 60 to 90 days after a complete Application has been submitted.
c.  The storage building must be placed inside the rear yard (in accordance with Municipality Codes) within the building line shown on the plan submitted with the Application.

d.  The storage building shall be of wood frame construction with roof pitch to match the house  (“A” frames are permitted, flat roofs are not) .  No metal buildings are allowed

  1. The exterior materials used on the storage building shall match the exterior finishes of

the house in all aspects (material, color, texture, roofing materials, etc.)  The storage building shall have the same color scheme as the existing house.  Specifically, the window trim, fascia and rake boards shall match the trim color of the existing house.  All other surfaces including doors, hinges, shutters and exterior walls shall match the color of the exterior walls of the existing house.

f.    Shed must be secured to the ground by concrete floor with anchor bolts; or wood floor

mounted on concrete / wood piers.  Applicants must verify and comply with all Municipality codes and requirements before submitting shed application to the Architectural Review Committee.