Gloucester County, Virginia
  • Playground Update

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     Greetings and Salutations ALL 
     The installation of the playground equipment has become a contentious issue, understandably fitting. 
    OUR inconceivable delay in the playground equipment being delivered and installed has been a 
    challenge with unwarranted condemnation. 
     The existing playset became hazardous to our beloved kids. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a 
    consortium of homeowners volunteering their services to identify suitable replacements. 
     Contrary to popular belief it is the Board of Directors responsibility, optimistically with the 
    assistance of additional Homeowners to plan financially, procure, replace or repair common area 
     Mr. Cutter an owner and attendee at your BOD meeting heard the petition to Chair a playground 
    restoration Committee. After extensive research, November 2018 Mr. Cutter submitted to the 
    BOD a reasonable proposal to replace the precarious equipment. Unfortunately, filibustering 
    delayed the subsequent affirmative votes to reallocate funds and requisition the equipment 
    until March 2019. The Board approved donating the equipment to a non- profit organization. 
    The recipient after commencing to remove the equipment has since defaulted realizing the 
    removal was labor intensive and asserted potential hazards for their organization leaving the 
    area in its current condition. 
     Authorizing the non-profit organization to remove this unsafe equipment precluded potential liability 
    issues and conceivable injuries to the future generation, OUR CHILDREN. I’m certain responsible 
    parents would agree the inconvenience and postponed use of the playground takes precedence over 
    the prosperity and wellbeing of the 
     I accept culpability for minimizing risk to our children and commission those disapproving to 
    offer their services to expedite future endeavors. 
     Filibustering is justly the culprit in the context of our playground catastrophe. 
     Discouraging Playground update. 22 July 2019 I sent this message to the playground company 
    their reply is pending: 
     Julie our property manager and you have converse reference our playground equipment.  The last 
    word received from YOU as of Jul 11 at 11:51 AM:
                    “I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. The shipment had a slight delay and is 
    expected  to arrive to our warehouse early next week at this time. Once it arrives, it will take a few 
    days to be sorted and crated before it's ready to ship. We're working with our installation 
    team to coordinate the delivery of the material with their schedule and I should hear back from 
    them soon with a timeline and a start date.” 
               We are now a week removed from the implied statement “early next week”.  I’m being 
    inundated with grievances.   
    Please provided unambiguous update. 
    Time is of the essence. 
     President, Courthouse Square Homeowners Association. 
    Again, I accept culpability for minimizing risk to our children. 
    Once addition information is received, I will publicize, not the PMA. 
    If you disagree with the precautionary measures and would have preferred the hazardous 
    conditions to remain in effect, please direct your displeasures to your Courthouse 
    Square Homeowners Association Website to be chronicled in lieu of social media. 
    Please accept my heartfelt apologize for the delay and inconvenience. We are always eliciting committee volunteers. 
    President, Courthouse Square Homeowners   Association. 
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