Gloucester County, Virginia
  • Good Evening Neighbors, As much as we hate to do this, based on the current limit of 25 individuals for in-person gatherings, expanded mask mandate and increased enforcement by Governor Ralph S. Northam- we are postponing the December 3rd, 2020, members of the HOA meeting. We will advise and notify the membership as soon as we can reschedule the meeting. If you have specific questions for the Board of Directors, please send them in via the webpage @ using the Contact Us tab. When you send them in they will go directly to the president and three select board members; all replies are vetted by the president prior to transmittal. Questions for the board will not be accepted via Facebook in an affect to avoid and deter unhealthy and unprofessional conduct. Neighborhood squabbles should not be aired out on Facebook, but rather dealt with by working together. Moving forward, the BOD will still continue to communicate on ways to mitigate this ever changing environment that complies with state and federal mandates. The BOD has a lot of things to work on that have been neglected over the last few years, and the board is working together to ensure we can follow those guidelines while still working together to make this the best place to reside in Gloucester. R/The CSQ HOA Board Members

    Posted on August 18, 2020 by in Home Page, Meetings

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